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Lamoille Health Settlement

Marshall v Lamoille Health Partners, Inc.,
Case No. 2:22-cv-00166-wks
United States District Court, District of Vermont

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Welcome to the Lamoille Health Data Settlement Home Page

  • You may be eligible to receive a payment from a proposed $540,000 non-reversionary class action settlement (the “Qualified Settlement Fund”).
  • The class action lawsuit concerns a data security incident that occurred in August 2022 (the “Security Incident”) involving Lamoille Health Partners, Inc. (“Defendant” or “LHP”) in which it was determined that an unauthorized third party gained access to certain LHP files containing personally identifiable information (“PII”) and protected health information (“PHI”). LHP denies any wrongdoing and denies that it has any liability but has agreed to settle the lawsuit on a class-wide basis.
  • To be eligible to make a claim, you must have received a Notice of Data Security Incident letter regarding the LHP Data Security Incident that occurred in August 2022.



If eligible, you will receive a cash payment. This is the only way to get compensation from the Settlement.


You will not receive any cash payment. This is the only option that allows you to keep your right to bring any other lawsuit against LHP for the same claims if you are a Settlement Class Member. To exclude yourself from the Settlement, you must mail a signed letter to the Settlement Administrator.


You can remain in the Settlement Class and file an objection telling the Court why you agree or disagree with the Settlement.  If your objections are overruled, you will be bound by the Settlement.


If you do nothing, you will not receive any cash payment.  You will also forfeit your right to sue or bring any claim against LHP related to the Data Security Incident.